Research shows nearly half of CBD users stop regular medication

The culture of cannabis has grown worldwide. More and more scientific research is being done on this plant because of its super substance: CBD. The discovery of CBD might be as big a breakthrough in the medical world as antibiotics. Recent studies show remarkable figures about the drug use of this substance. Recently, the report ‘Understanding Cannabidiol (CBD)’ has been released. This contained the results of a large-scale CBD-use investigation conducted by HelloMD. The results are amazing and groundbreaking. Has the new antibiotics been invented? A new medicine which is not sensitive to super bacteria, but does it help a lot more people? What is CBD? Everyone knows hemp and the psychedelic substance THC. THC is the substance that makes you high or stoned. The substance CBD from hemp is of a completely different nature. CBD means cannabidiol and is increasingly known as the holy grail. It is experienced as a very beneficial substance with many health benefits. The substance is more and more known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-epileptic and anti-cancer qualities. The use of CBD Hello MD’s research showed surprising conclusions. It appears that more women use CBD than men. The reasons described for this are not waterproof, but the fact that more women use it than men, can play an important role. An argument which is being introduced is that women are doing more research, and therefore likely to find that CBD is good for health. Another argument is that it is particularly suitable for disorders which are more common for women; insomnia, joint inflammation, headache and nausea. Check out our CBD oil products As mentioned, CBD has no psychedelic effects. On the contrary, it even counteracts the effects of THC. CBD is mainly used for health complaints. The results of Hello MD’s research showed the following results: • 65 percent use it against anxiety • 60 percent use it against insomnia • 54 percent use it to prevent joint pain and inflammation • 45 percent use against depression • 35 percent use it to reduce the symptoms of muscle tension and migraine and cluster headaches • 32 percent use it to fight chronic pain • 20 percent use to counteract nausea CBD the new drug CBD is not a regular medicine. People with complaints such as depression, fear and chronic pain are given regular medication. This includes painkillers, antidepressants and tranquilizers. The question is: Does it replace the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs? The answer is amazing. About 42 percent of the respondents in the study indicated that they had exchanged regular drugs for CBD products. Nearly 40 percent of respondents are “floating drug users”. One time they use CBD and the other time they return to regular drugs. Does CBD work effectively with everyone? The research shows that about 66 percent of respondents find CBD therapy ‘much more effective’ or ‘more effective’ compared to regular medicine. How do people take CBD? 80 percent use CBD once a week. 41 percent use almost every day. The research shows that people prefer to evaporate (vape) CBD oil, drizzle under the tongue or any number of edibles available on the market. This is a quick and easy way to take it and is quickly introduced into your system. Other noteworthy findings CBD is not only used for medical purposes. A little more than 20 percent of respondents have indicated it too to be used to relax. There was a small group that specifically indicated not using CBD products (between 10 percent and 15 percent of HelloMD members). The reasons they gave for this were different. 16 percent think the CBD concentration is not high enough. About 12 percent have indicated the CBD products are too expensive. 12% indicates that it is difficult to obtain, or at all not available.