CBD Blast – Variety Packs

This non euphoric blend is just what the doctor ordered. Our all natural CBD hard candy has 15 milligrams Full Spectrum CBD.

HOW TO TAKE: CBD edibles can be taken throughout the day to take advantage of the significant medical benefits.

FLAVORS: Watermelon, Tangerine, Green Apple, Ble Raspberry

6 Piece Pouch (15mg each / 90 total)
25 Piece Box (15mg each / 375 total)

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Candy Head offers a selection of small batch fine quality  Full Spectrum CBD infused confections using all natural and organic ingredients. Our candies are nut free, gluten free and plant based offering only the purest possible hard candy for clients with impaired immune systems and sensitivities often associated with many medical conditions.

No prescription or card required.