February is American Heart Month and Candy Head, the makers of CBD edibles, wants U.S. consumers to investigate the heart-healthy benefits of CBD oil.

 Recent research indicates that CBD can help reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and arrhythmia.

 “We certainly want people to take stock in their health during American Heart Month and look at all their options to keep their heart healthy,” said Ian Gilley, CEO of Candy Head, which makes CBD-infused hard candies. “There has been recent research that suggests taking CBD oil products can contribute to cardiovascular health.”

 Gilley said several studies indicate CBD may lower high blood pressure and help keep you healthy.

 “Although more study is needed, there is increasing research that suggests CBD oil can be part of a healthy heart regimen,” he said.

 The biggest confusion for consumers about CBD oil is the difference between it and marijuana.

 In contrast to marijuana which contains the psychoactive THC, CBD oil does not have a high enough concentration of THC to get someone “high”. Candy Head edibles provide no psychoactive effects at all, but still contain all the medicinal and health benefits that cannabis can provide.

 Unlike other CBD brands, Candy Head’s candies use the best possible Full Spectrum oils available while still maintaining highly competitive pricing to brands that only use CBD isolates.

 Based out of Rhode Island, Candy Head’s trusted edibles provide optimal absorption of the many compounds found in Full Spectrum oil. By slowly consuming the hard candies, you are giving the oil the time that it needs to properly absorb fully into your system.

 Candy Head prioritizes health and safety. The company’s team includes two certified food safety managers and one FSMA-certified QA food safety specialist with MA Allergen Awareness certification. Candy Head also uses a third-party lab to test their candies for proper CBD dosing and consistency.

 None of Candy Head’s products contain dairy, gluten, animal products, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish, sesame, coconut, peanuts or tree nuts.

 For more information, visit candy-head.com.