It is well known that many people have problems sleeping, perhaps as much as 45% of the population. This is often due stressful or upsetting events. Sometimes, however, it can be an even more serious health issue, in that it impacts negatively impact on the daily life and functioning of the those that suffer from chronic insomnia. This can lead to memory issues, lower energy levels and apathy or irritation. Sleeping pills often leave people groggy in the morning or are habit forming; in these cases, CBD oil can solve these issues by offering a safe, natural, stress-reducing alternative to getting a good night’s sleep.

Effects of CBD on insomnia

Studies have indicated that this plant-based extract can have a medicinal effect on a great scope of health-related issues. It has also been shown that CBD – by influencing the dopamine levels in our bloodstream during sleep, it makes our period of REM sleep (in which we still dream and our minds are not fully at rest) shorter. This serves as an aid in putting us into the deep sleep that our mind and body needs to regulate our sleep cycle. Having a regular sleep cycle promotes improved memory and decreases symptoms of depression. More deep sleep can also keep such ailments as chronic fatigue as well.

Underlying causes of sleep disorders

We all suffer from a bad night’s sleep from time to time. For those of us where this is more often the case than not, it is important to recognize that there is a root cause to these issues: Some of these are:

• Jet lag
• Physical issues such as chronic pain
• Bad sleeping habits, such as going to bed late, consuming too many caffeine containing products, sleeping during the day, etc.
• Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, or dystonia
• Side effects of prescription medication
• Stress and worries
• Endocrine disturbances, changes, or imbalances

How CBD oil can help

Often insomnia is a problem related to other concerns and these must be dealt with either before or during the use of CBD; no one can heal if they are continuing in self-destructive or self-harmful activities. Your doctor or a recognized licensed medical professional, holistic or mainstream, can help with those underlying causes but CBD oil can offer support to this additional treatment. Does anxiety cause you to sleep badly? CBD can reduce anxiety. Does chronic pain stop you from sleeping well? CBD eases and reduces pain. It should be noted, however, that CBD oil is not a cure-all for everyone – as with prescription medication, it can affect people differently and possibly not be as effective as desired. It may work as a calming substance more adequately than for pain, or for one illness with person but not with another. This is a moot point since CBD has no known side effects and is a plant-based extract, therefore holistic and all natural.